Land-based casinos will likely disappear in the near future. As with the rest of the world, Burundi now has its fair share of online casinos. This comprehensive guide to Burundi’s virtual gambling establishments will cover all the bases.

The law, various gaming alternatives, payment methods, and support services will all be discussed. At its conclusion, you should have a shortlist of suitable gambling establishments.

Gambling in Burundi: A Brief History


Historically, Burundi was a French colony. After World War II, the country was a colony under German and Belgian administration, along with neighboring Rwanda. The country at the time was mostly governed by French statutes. Gambling had been tolerated in the country even before independence was declared.


It wasn’t until 2008 that gambling of any kind was outlawed by the government. Burundians are apparently openly engaging in online gambling despite the country’s low internet penetration rate.


Gambling Legislation in Burundi

Burundi’s gaming legislation is something we’ve touched on before. It’s against the law as per the 2008 Penal Code. However, despite this, Burundi does have a national lottery. This lottery is known as the LONA. This lottery is managed by the state-run Burundi National Lottery Commission.


There is a national lottery, but you can’t play at a licensed online casino for lottery tickets. However, as we’ve already mentioned, that hasn’t stopped the players from enjoying it and there aren’t any issues.


International casinos are lawful in Burundi because online casinos are not regulated there. Online casinos are available to gamblers who are of legal gambling age in their jurisdiction.


Casinos on Land in Burundi

In the heart of Bujumbura, the country’s capital, is a casino administered by the Burundi National Lottery. The only legal casino in the country is the Lydia Ludic, which has been open since 2001. Since there are only a few slot machines, calling it a casino is also a bit of a stretch.


Gambling in Burundi: What’s Next?

The internet penetration rate is 14.6%, which is low compared to other countries. Because of this, we predict that internet casinos will never become popular in the United States. It’s impossible for a country to progress when more than half of its people aren’t online.


It is irrelevant whether or not online gambling is legal because it is not regulated. That is a fact that is being used by numerous gamblers across the country. If a given online betting site allows players from Burundi, then they have every right to use that site.


Choices for Making a Payment

The top online gambling sites provide the most secure and convenient casino banking options for its customers. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, etc. are all examples of acceptable payment options. These provide some of the smoothest financial transactions available in online gambling.


Every Umurundi player worries about getting paid. Mobile casinos that accept payments from Burundians’ country are available. If they don’t have access to other payment options, they can still use their phones to make purchases.



Is it safe to say that you should play at online casinos in Burundi now? Okay, so we do. Although the legality of online gambling is questionable, it is not against the law to gamble at an unlicensed site.


We’ve spent considerable time evaluating the casinos’ many features in order to provide you with this list. The safety of online casinos, bonuses, games, software, service providers, banking options, help desk responses, etc. We’ve done the research already, saving you time.


You are free to choose something other outside what is presented here. However, you should take the time to assess the situation so that you can avoid issues in the road.



Do you have any further inquiries on Burundi’s online casinos? If that’s the case, read the following queries. If you have any other concerns, they should be addressed as well.


I was wondering if Burundi allowed online casinos.


To put it simply, yes. Since Burundi has no laws prohibiting its citizens from visiting online casinos, players from anywhere in the world are allowed to do so. There is also no need to worry about the government, as no policy has been established.


In Burundi, where can one find the greatest online casino?


Casinos accepting Umurundi players are listed in order of quality as determined by us. If we had to pick only one, though, Casino.com would be our recommendation.


Where can I find the highest paying online casinos in Umurundi?


You may need to do some research to get the finest payout possibilities. While we can’t speak for every establishment, we can tell that Mansion Casino offers some competitive withdrawal methods.

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