New Zealand’s top sports betting sites for 2023

Find excellent odds at some of New Zealand’s top sports betting websites. Our chosen sites provide punters with an extensive selection of sports and markets, as well as lucrative incentives and odds. Our team of experienced reviewers has evaluated each New Zealand betting site; we’re here to assist you have the finest sports betting experience possible.

New Zealand betting websites to avoid

Some New Zealand betting sites simply aren’t up to par. In addition to introducing you to the finest sites to bet, it is important to know which sportsbooks to avoid. This might be due to a variety of factors, including poor customer service, terrible odds, or the absence of a license from a regulating agency. Our list indicates which bookies you should avoid.

What is a sports wager?


Sports betting is a kind of gambling in which bets on sporting events are placed. A bettor often wagers on a certain outcome, such as a team to win a match or a player to score a certain number of points. A sportsbook is a typical term for a firm that provides a sports betting service, and we’ve researched some of the finest online sportsbooks in New Zealand.


Sports Popular in New Zealand

New Zealand bettors have always had their favorites when it comes to the top sports for betting. Here are a few places that punters go repeatedly.


Rugby wagering Rugby wagering

Whether you like league or union, rugby is an extremely popular betting sport. International and national rugby competitions dominate the sports betting calendar, and each All Blacks match generates a great deal of betting interest.


Cricket Betting Cricket Betting

It is reasonable to assume that cricket betting fever permeates the country whenever the Black Caps face Australia or England. Off the international stage, New Zealand’s domestic cricket is likewise very competitive and of a high caliber.


Football wagers Football wagers

Regarding football, wagers are placed on both the New Zealand Football League and other competitions such as the English Premier League. Not forgetting that there is often excitement around the national team competing in the FIFA World Cup.


Basketball Betting Basketball Betting

The popularity of basketball has exploded in recent years. In terms of sports betting, the NBA is unrivaled. In addition to the NBL and ANBL, basketball fans are devoted to the New Zealand Breakers.


Wagering on Horse Races

Wagering on Horse Races

Additionally, horse racing is a lucrative industry in New Zealand. With so many active racetracks, bettors can always find something to wager on. The Melbourne Cup, the Auckland Cup, and the New Zealand Derby are popular races.


Esports Betting

Esports Betting

In recent years, esports wagering in New Zealand has exploded in popularity. Thus, the New Zealand Esports Federation has been established as a specialized athletic organization. On this market, you may bank on professional gamers playing CS:GO, Call of Duty, and League of Legends, among others.


The Benefits of Online Gambling

Numerous overseas sportsbooks are available in New Zealand’s expansive gaming sector. If you are new to the game, you may anticipate the following benefits from an online sports betting service.


Generous sign-up incentives and welcome bonuses

Possibility to pay out early

Huge choice of worldwide athletic events to wager on Vast selection of renowned sports to wager on

Simple deposit and withdrawal options

24/7 access to betting sites

How We Rate the Best Online Sportsbooks


Choosing the top betting sites for New Zealand gamblers requires an in-depth evaluation procedure. We recognize that there are a variety of sports betting sites to select from, and we want to assist you in locating the finest ones. Therefore, we evaluate bookmakers based on their performance in six major criteria; a high score in all of them is indicative of a leading bookmaker.


Variety of Sports and Wager Types

A reputable sportsbook will provide bettors a wide variety of sports and betting markets. Similarly, sportsbooks should provide more than simply the outright results of matches and events. When it comes to grading, we will give the greatest marks to betting sites that provide a vast assortment of sports, markets, and wagering options.


Variety of Sports and Wager Types

Competitive Odds and Additional Options

There are several sports betting websites available nowadays, so we’ll be on the lookout for ones with the greatest odds. Live streaming, statistics on sporting events, and early cash out choices are only the beginning of what we’ll be looking for to enhance the customer experience.


Competitive Odds and Additional Options

Bonuses & Special Offers

A top betting website is characterized by its many methods for serving both new and existing consumers. The welcome bonus offered by a sportsbook is just as significant as rewarding the loyalty of regular, long-term gamblers. Offers for all sorts of gamers are required to achieve a good score on this site.


Bonuses & Special Offers

Safety, Security, and Customer Service

You may feel confident that only bookmakers with valid licenses for the New Zealand or foreign markets are displayed on our website. Without regulatory clearance, these locations will be added to our blacklist. Customers place a premium on security and customer care, and we only endorse businesses who provide the most secure and reliable service.


Safety, Security, and Customer Service

Banking & Payouts

Payment choices are a crucial aspect that may make or break a website. It is no longer sufficient to allow standard deposit methods such as credit and debit cards. We will be on the lookout for e-wallet services and websites that facilitate cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.


Banking & Payouts

Mobile & Apps

Increasing numbers of bettors are utilizing mobile devices, thus it is crucial that a sportsbook site accommodates this. We’ll be looking for websites that are entirely mobile-optimized, and those with user-friendly applications available for download will receive bonus points.


Mobile & Apps Site Rating

With scores in each of the aforementioned areas, you will have a comprehensive understanding of a sportsbook’s overall quality. Any bookmaker with a solid rating in each category will receive our stamp of approval as one of the finest online betting sites.

Sports Betting New Zealand Frequently Asked Questions


Are online wagers prevalent in New Zealand?

Yes. Numerous New Zealanders demonstrate their enthusiasm for sports by placing wagers on their favorite teams and events. Due to the prevalence of sport in New Zealand, there are several internet alternatives for locating a sports betting site.


What are the most popular sports for wagering in New Zealand?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but the simplest sports to gamble on are the ones you know the most about. However, popular sports for wagering in New Zealand include, among others, rugby, cricket, football, and basketball.


How can I put an online wager?

Generally speaking, the procedure for placing a wager is rather similar. Once you’ve discovered the ideal sportsbook, open an account and make your initial deposit using the ‘My Account’ option. Then, select your desired sport and market from the menu, input your stake, and add the wager to your “bet slip.” After confirming, you will have placed your wager!


Can I obtain a bonus for betting in New Zealand?

Yes, it is possible to receive a bonus while placing bets in New Zealand. The majority of online sports betting sites provide several incentives and bonuses to both new and existing players.


What does the term “handicap” signify in gambling?

A ‘handicap’ is a sort of wager in which one team is granted a virtual advantage or disadvantage by the bookmaker. Typically, this is accomplished by providing points to the underdog in order to level the playing field. Handicap wagering is prevalent in sports dependent on points, such as football, rugby, and basketball.


What does “over” signify in terms of betting?

The term “over” refers to a sort of wager in which you wager on the sportbook’s own forecasts. The term can be defined as follows:


– A bookmaker first makes a prediction for the outcome of a certain match (usually the game point total)


– You wager on whether the total points or goals scored will exceed or fall short of the bookmaker’s forecast.


– If you believe the team will score more than the total number of points, you are betting over.


– If you believe the reverse (that the team will score less points than the total), you bet under.


Depending on the nation, it may be called totals betting or over/under betting.


What is a 3-way wager?

Three-way betting involves making a wager with three potential outcomes. Football is one example, with three possible outcomes:


  1. Win the contest


  1. lose the contest


  1. Draw (equal points) (equal points)


Three-way wagers frequently offer better odds than two-way wagers. This is one reason why they are such a popular option.


Can I wager on other sports online in New Zealand?

Yes, besides sports betting, there are other additional online wagering options in New Zealand. Specifically, international internet casinos are a popular kind of gaming.


Which sport is the most straightforward to wager on?

Point-based games with few confusing regulations, such as rugby, tennis, and football, are the easiest sports to bet on to gain money. You may wager as simply as “lose” or “win”; you don’t even have to estimate the exact score.

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