Tino Asprilla new representative of Zamba

We love to let you know that we have another player in our Zamba group , he is a marking that re-energizes our bookmaker and club with feeling, with staggering plays and loaded with prizes only for you.

In any case, who is the new figure of our title? It isn’t anything more and nothing not exactly Faustino el Tino Asprilla, who has marked the marking of him with Zamba on Walk 23 to keep wagering on tomfoolery and sports with our organization. Indeed, one of the extraordinary soccer players in Colombian history who will currently be important for Club Zamba , and who will take the name of our group to another level.

“The marking of ‘Tino’ fills us with delight and is another impulse to work, to continuously get the best offers the universe of sports wagering and keep on solidifying ourselves as benchmarks in the business,” said María Eugenia Romero, head of Promoting of Zamba.

During his expert football vocation, Tino Asprilla got different honors, remembering titles for Colombia , Italy and at a mainland level, among which the most exceptional are: an European Cup Victors’ Cup, an European Super Cup and two UEFA Cups won with Parma .

Toward the finish of Spring, “Tino” had a public interview at the Zamba Game Bar in Barranquilla, where he talked about this extraordinary coalition and all that was being ready for this incredible passage to the group. “I’m glad to work with the extraordinary group at Zamba. It is the games wagering house with the best wagering and club offers in the nation”, said Tino Asprilla while telling the world that he will presently be the diplomat of Zamba, a forerunner in the games wagering and online club market in Colombia.

We know that having this person as significant as Tino Asprilla

Who today is a games observer, is an incredible responsibility that we will feel glad for and we can’t miss such acknowledgment, since it will certainly load up with extraordinary expert titles. to our whole Zamba group and to every one of the players who bet on having some good times in our gambling clubs.

How? This figure brings to every one of you a progression of advancements and competitions stacked with soccer that will certainly fill numerous clients of our Zamba club with a large number of prizes. “One of them is the European Stars competition , where there will be an award pool adding up to 3,000,000 pesos, winning wagers on the Heroes Association, Europe and the Gathering Association,” makes sense of María Eugenia Romero, Promoting Director of Zamba .

During the football days, Genuine Madrid and Manchester City in the Bosses Association, Barcelona in the Europa Association and Roma in the Gathering Association, are among the top picks for the quarterfinals of these competitions. So the fervor isn’t lost, Zamba players will have the chance to sparkle with their games and dominate a cup of impossible awards.

This partnership with Tino Asprilla will likewise bring gifts for our Zamba Club , where individuals who register on the stage will appreciate offers and welcome rewards to urge them to play and fill their days with fun. What’s more, we will have the “TINO” code accessible that will compensate unwaveringness and playing time with awesome astonishments, so our players keep on filling their plunder with prizes and don’t quit being essential for this triumphant group.

Furthermore, you realize what is awesome

That our new extraordinary representative won’t just reward them, however from his vocation as a games examiner and with his experience as a World Cup player, Tino Asprilla will exhort and give tips to that multitude of clients who bet online at Zamba, a choice that is most certainly not they will need to lose, so in the event that you don’t win, this is on the grounds that you don’t feel like it!

Could it be said that you are prepared to get all that our new marking brings for you? They ought to, in light of the fact that you are essential for this group and you are our extraordinary players, without you and your extraordinary plays we can most likely not win the cup.

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