Review of Hidden Loot Online Slot

Sail the boundless seas with the naughty pirate Peg-Leg in Betsoft’s classic Hidden Loot slot game in pursuit of some delectable treasure boxes. Hidden Loot, one of BetSoft’s first online slot creations, stands in stark contrast to anything the company has produced in subsequent years. This game is as classic as they get, including a pirate theme, 3 reels, and 3 fixed paylines. Play it for real money on any device that supports Flash and win up to 750 credits every round!

Hidden Loot is not as straightforward as its appearance may lead one to believe. This slot is also packed with standard wild symbols and an engaging multi-level bonus in which you must steal jewels from armed guards in order to increase your bankroll. If you want to understand more about the game’s features and rewards, you can read our comprehensive analysis below.

How to Play Online Slot Game Hidden Loot

One of the finest aspects of BetSoft’s Hidden Loot is that it is not at all difficult to play. All of the game’s controls are meant to resemble barrels and are arranged towards the bottom of the screen for easy access. Start by selecting the coin value barrel in the upper-right corner, and then use the bet per line control to choose the number of coins to wager on each payline. Depending on your budget, you may stake anywhere from 0.06 credits and 15 credits every round.

Once you begin playing for real money, keeping track of your payouts will be really simple, since there are just three paylines on the screen, each spanning the center of a row. To see the possible payouts and symbols, however, you must access the game’s paytable. It has six image icons responsible for awarding rewards and two unique symbols with extra functionalities. The rewards are shown as multiplication of your coin size and vary from 1 to 50 coins each sequence when playing with the least wager to 5 to 250 coins per sequence when playing with the maximum stake per line. If you believe that these rewards are insufficient, remember that you have a unique hold feature that enables you to pick which payouts to pursue.

If you like to play slot machines on your mobile device, you will need to go elsewhere than Hidden Loot, since this BetSoft game is not mobile-friendly. Hidden Loot remains a Flash casino game, although the majority of the software provider’s earlier slots were remade in HTML5 for play on iOS and Android devices.

Hidden Treasure Features and Free Games

This slot should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for a machine with a distinctive gameplay. Like the majority of 3-reel slot machines, Hidden Loot awards payouts for matching three symbols on a payline. The game’s distinctive features, which let you to play each round in two distinct phases as opposed to the more common free spins seen in other slot games, make it stand out.

The first phase begins when you push the spin button and the slot machine charges you for your wager. During this stage, the bottom row of the screen will only display three symbols, each bearing a hold button. You may press any of the available hold buttons to replicate the same symbol across a complete column (1×3) and lock it in place for the subsequent spin, if desired. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, you just hit the spin button a second time to begin the second stage of the slot game, in which the empty spaces on the screen are replaced with brand-new, cost-free symbols. While paired with the wild and bonus symbols, this feature may result in an abundance of winnings when playing for real money.

The interactive bonus round of the Hidden Loot slot machine is another intriguing element. This feature is triggered by collecting three bonus symbols in a single row, whether or not the hold option is used. After collecting the symbols, the slot machine will take you to a multi-level game in which you will use the arrow keys on your computer to traverse a labyrinth. Collect as many diamonds as possible before the timer expires to earn additional cash rewards, but avoid being caught by the guard.

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