Why is Zambia’s Internet 75% target for iGaming?

Zambia’s telecoms authority proposes to auction a new 20MHz spectrum in the 800MHz range. This was a fascinating development for industries like iGaming and e-commerce that depend on the internet for everyday operations.

The Zambian telecommunications regulator’s new initiatives will increase internet access and quality.

The reserve price for the licenses is US$ 12.5 million, and qualifying bidders must hold an electronic communication network license in the international market category. They owe no spectrum or other licensing fees. The extra range was eventually allocated to MTN Zambia and Airtel to increase voice and data service quality.

According to ZICTA, Zambia’s ICT industry has grown significantly. The additional spectrum will improve ICT access and raise internet penetration to 75%. The regulator also said that internet demand is rising. Since an operator’s ratio spectrum bandwidth acquisition is closely tied to network capacity and traffic, the extra spectrum would enhance service quality. With reliable telecommunications, the authority hopes to assist Zambia accomplish some of its Smart Zambia goals. In essence, they may expand broadband coverage by ensuring operators have access to appropriate radio spectrum. According to the ZICTA, operators must be encouraged to deploy broadband services in underserved and unserved parts of the nation.

The regulator wants to see 75% internet penetration. And they welcome diverse sectors, especially iGaming.

In recent years, new entrants and renowned European and local firms have jostled for market dominance in Zambia’s iGaming sector. Increasing internet connectivity and data service quality would undoubtedly boost the iGaming sector in Zambia. Various businesses have competed fiercely for this. Local businesses with limited marketing expenditures compete with those with large marketing budgets.

These data will help iGaming businesses compete and give gamers with greater engagement to mobile online gambling—however, ZICTA will provide 2020 ICT industry statistics in early February 2021. Zambia has approximately 19.1 million mobile connections in 2020, with a 107 percent mobile penetration rate, and a 57.1 percent mobile broadband penetration rate.

As previously stated, the competitive nature of the iGaming sector and the country’s aim of 75% internet penetration will likely make the market an appealing and flourishing business for investors and entrepreneurs.

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