“Ring…!,” “Ring….!” You hear the circus bell’s sound? A circus is coming to the city! This is true!

Alice was a popular sims 3 สูตร bookworm and has always dreamt of seeing a circus full of great fun! One day, an elderly woman gave her a book with a beautiful design. Before Alice departed she promised to open just this book at night by the elderly woman. Alice was really happy to get this lovely book.

As the night collapsed, Alice opened his book very early and was fired instantly. Inside the book, Alice constantly dreamt of the magical circus. It was packed with all kinds of fun and amazing entertainment! However, Alice was ordered back to her bedroom as the circus bell began to ring to mark the approaching dawn. And from that day on, Alice’s nightly adventures in the book started to captivate the circus!

PG SOFTTM is pleased to introduce “Circus Delight,” an unforgettable and enjoyable game that will provide players with! “Circus Delight” is a 5-wheel, 3-row video slot with multiplier free spins. The Free Spins Function will trigger the 3, four, or 5 scatter symbols, which will give up to 32 free spins and an x12 multiplier! You’re ready for a wonderful surprise, therefore?


The new game, “Genie 3 Wishes,” was inspired by “Aladdin” in the folktale collection of A Thousand and One Nights. PG SOFTTM was very pleased to announce the debut. The epic tale is world-famous and has had a profound impact on the remembrance of many.

The tale starts when Aladdin inadvertently unleashes the Genie, which gives him the opportunity to fulfill all his wishes. He is now a rich, prestigious and well respected prince, and he marries the princess he loves finally. What did Aladdin do with the three wishes? In addition to wanting to be a prince, he offered the Genie his final wish to set himself free! PG SOFTTM reconstructed this famous tale in order to remind everyone of the moral principles of “Receiving and Repaying.”


Genie Three Wishes is a 5-wheel, 3-row, free spins video slot. 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols are shown everywhere to cause 12 free spins with all the symbols of high reward, 8 free spins with the Wild symbols of travel and 5 free spins with the increased multiplier. What’s going to be your three wishes? Let your desires be given by the power of the magic lamp!

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